First and foremost, we understand business process improvement and the use of technology to reduce operational costs and achieve process efficiency. Whether it’s program management, project management, agile project delivery or digital transformation, we know how to address difficult challenges our customers face in doing more with less resources while adopting digital technologies along the way.

At Capstone Strategy Group, we understand that it’s not enough to solve for individual supply chain functions or problem areas anymore. What’s needed are cross-functional transformations knowledge that look at the end-to-end supply chain in an integrated way.

Whether you are streamlining your claims management process, deploying a customer management system, using machine learning or robotic process automation to automate your invoice processing or improve your student admission process for a more outcome driven environment, we’ll make sure every part of your business is covered. Our passion for the work we do is fueled by our belief that to truly help a client realize their vision, we must work with their people, processes, and technology to effect meaningful changes. Capstone Strategy Group’s Business Transformation and Implementation methodology (BTI™) is the base approach to delivering services to our customers and is instrumental to our success.

Using BTI™, we first gain an understanding of your organization, processes, and the technologies used to accomplish core tasks. We then identify ways to optimize and align your organization to its processes and adopt new and/or existing technologies to make you more efficient. This allows us to create a roadmap to satisfy your present and future business needs. Our driving ambition is to make you more successful. The BTI™ methodology is a combination of 40+ years of business experience, industry knowledge and best practices into one integrated framework that drive value for our customers, and which focuses on 3 aspects:

Business Health Check

  • Quickly understand an organization’s overall vision and strategy
  • Identify challenges and shortcomings within key departments
  • Map challenges to the organization’s vision and objectives
  • Identify gaps across people, process, technology

Transformation Strategy

  • Define necessary improvements to address identified gaps
  • Create a transformation roadmap with a clear understanding of resources, process change and technology enablers required
  • Build an ROI model to support the suggested strategy
  • Define a performance framework to track success

Implementation, Coaching and Support

  • Technology selection and implementation
  • System integration and migration
  • Cloud services
  • Project management
  • Process improvement
  • Change management
  • Coaching & Leadership

Use Cases