Customers are facing a major challenge. How to adjust to a fast-changing technology landscape driven by digitization, automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the need to be agile in deploying new solutions to meet client’s expectations. In this environment, transformation and flexibility are the keys to success. Finding a partner that can help deliver on a focused, business driven IT Management and transformation agenda within is critical.

We at Capstone Strategy Group assist our clients to stay focused on leveraging the business value of Information Technology to implement a transformation agenda that is aligned with their business goals and the organization’s capabilities while making sure all key stakeholders are involved and provide their support and buy-in. Our team has extensive experience helping customers successfully deliver their IT management & transformation agenda including:

  • IT strategy and target operating models
  • IT performance management
  • Enterprise architecture
  • CRM implementation (Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Constant Contact, Agile CRM)
  • Mid-market ERP implementation
  • Digital experience implementation (web site, social media)
  • System integration
  • Cloud strategy

Use Cases