Capstone Strategy Group (CSG) is a business management and technology consulting services company based in New York City. Founded in 1997, CSG provides business process improvement, process automation (using machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation), system integration, and enterprise program management. These services enable our customers to leverage technology for a stronger return on investment. The company is organized around three industry-focused lines of business:

CSG’s core values, which ensure a blend of the needs of People, Process and Technology are at the heart of our culture, and guide our behavior each and every day. Our methodology (BTI) ensures that we consider customer needs first in order to gain the ultimate optimization of their projects. Summarized, these values are about “Commitment to Customer success and quick time to value.”

The passion for the work we do is fueled by our belief that to truly help a client realize their vision we must work with their people, processes, and technology to effect meaningful change. Clients are attracted to working with Capstone Strategy Group because of our powerful combination of:


  • Proven delivery methodology
  • Relevant, leading-edge technology expertise
  • Autonomous tailored solutions
  • Ability to help you staff engagements while keeping costs down
  • Experts you can identify with
  • Ability to align with your organizational vision and strategy
  • Immersion in your organization
  • Guaranteed delivery, guaranteed results
  • Uncompromising focus on using technology to grow and strengthen your business