Dwight McLeod

Dwight McLeod is a successful business owner and entrepreneur. Dwight has developed his sales and marketing expertise through a diverse career that has included purchasing, sales, and IT technical solutions experiences. He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and education agencies such as Verizon, AT&T, Northern Telecom, TII Industries, St. Johns, Arizona State, and Anapolis to negotiate product, provide technical solutions and sales, and develop advanced training for purchasing professionals. Dwight has a clear understanding of issues businesses face in today’s challenging economic environment. This experience, combined with Dwight’s strong interpersonal skills, make him a valuable asset to our team. Dwight holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Marymount/Fordham University and has completed additional Graduate work in Organizational Behavior. Dwight possesses has led organization-wide communications programs and has extensive experience in Business Consulting and Transformation Practice, specializing in Local Governments and Universities; and improving efficiency, reducing cost, increasing revenue. He provides business and technology leadership to effectively identify and solve problems in the public sector and for small businesses.

Gaston Mbonglou, PhD
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Gaston Mbonglou is a senior executive experienced in U.S and international markets, with a proven track record in business strategy, operations management and information technology. He has proven ability in business management and exceptional performance in helping organizations optimize productivity, efficiency and profitability by leveraging technology and business process improvement. Gaston held multiple management and senior management positions at KPMG and BearingPoint, a global system integrator. He is a serial entrepreneur and has launched multiple startups during the last 10 years. Gaston is also a co-author of the “Accelerating Business Growth in Emerging Economies framework,” a strategy centered on capacity building through entrepreneurship programs, technology, business enablement and bilateral trade growth. The framework is geared toward governments of emerging economies to help them build the necessary capacities to create jobs, compete in the global economy and attract foreign investors.

Robyn McLeod
Chief Change Management Strategist

After many years of successfully leading large operations teams and small specialty teams to greater results, Robyn McLeod began working with organizations and sharing her expertise in leadership and team development, as a consultant, coach, speaker, and author. Through her work as an organizational development consultant, Robyn partners with senior executives as they focus on building and supporting high-performing managers, leaders, teams, and organizations. A foundation of her work is the belief that strong leaders and managers create an environment that engages, challenges and develops employees who provide world-class service and experiences to customers.

Robyn works with clients to address their needs in the areas of organizational effectiveness, leadership development, change management, strategic communications and thinking, people management and team building.

Robyn works with leaders to help them achieve breakthrough personal and professional goals. Her approach to coaching is based on principles of Thoughtful Leadership – providing a framework to pull back from the frenetic day-to-day pace and apply critical and reflective thinking to the challenges, issues and opportunities that leaders face in today’s rapidly changing work environments.