State and local agencies face many challenges – budget cutbacks, increased citizen expectations and the need to adopt new, fast and frequently changing digital technologies to improve operational efficiency and deliver value to customers. Capstone Strategy Group works with leaders in state and local government agencies to help them deliver better service to customers, reduce operational costs and improve process efficiency using business process improvement and robotic process automation.

Our team has extensive experience providing business consulting and advisory services to private corporations and public service organizations on federal, state and local levels. Building upon that experience, we developed a unique delivery Framework called the Capstone Strategy Group Business Transformation and Implementation (BTI™) Methodology. BTI™ provides accelerated delivery, with capabilities that include flexible approaches and industry-specific solution templates. With pre-packaged and pre-integrated elements customized to meet clients’ requirements, CSG is able to speed up solution deployment while helping clients manage implementation risks, reduce impact on current operations, and dramatically reduce time-to-benefit. By designing solutions specifically to accelerate value creation, CSG provides for the on-time, on-specification, and on-budget achievement of clients’ business objectives.

Public Services Use Cases