We help Universities and Colleges design and implement digital strategies to streamline admission and student advising services and help students make a better decision around school, degree or program selection. Traditional universities and colleges are facing unprecedented disruption across the academic enterprise as they have to adjust with a changing student population that is driven by outcome and time to degree completion.

Improving the student’s enrollment experience with “What If ” analysis
In today’s modern education system, technology is playing a vital role in automating tasks, which are rule-based, repetitive, time-consuming and frustrating. Eliminating paperwork and manual processes using automation can be used for admission, attendance, scheduling meetings, mailing, assignment, grades, Admin, Finance, etc.

Key questions from students, both new and existing students include:

  • How many transfer credits will be accepted?
  • How much will my education cost?
  • How long will that take to complete my degree?


Higher Education Use Cases