We help Universities and Colleges design and implement digital strategies to streamline admission and student advising services and help students make a better decision around school, degree or program selection. Traditional universities and colleges are facing unprecedented disruption across the academic enterprise as they have to adjust with a changing student population that is driven by outcome and time to degree completion. Students are no longer typical high school grads. Institutions are required to understand the cultural shifts to be able to design and implement support services that address the unique needs and challenges of a changing student population. Many applicants come with extensive life and business experience and are very focused on outcome and costs. Managing this new generation of students poses significant challenges for traditional universities and colleges as they experience greater difficulty deciding where to focus their attention and dedicate scarce resources.

Our Business Process Improvement based Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) solution enables universities and colleges to fully automate the transcript capture and evaluation processes, and build self-service-capabilities that enable students to choose a degree or program and get instant results on applicable credits, suggested courses, costs and time to complete.

Key solution benefits:

  • Eliminate manual tasks and reduce errors in data extraction from transcripts through process automation
  • Provide self-service “what if scenarios” to inform students within minutes on how their courses will fit into their selected degree or programs
  • Enable students to compare degree or program choices before engaging an advisor.
  • Reduce the advisors’ work load and hence wait times and increase student satisfaction
  • Reduce seasonal staff augmentation to cover critical needs during enrollment periods and terms start when RPA can address the customer situation satisfactorily
  • Expand hours of coverage using technology where volume doesn’t support paying an agent i.e., late night and weekend hours
  • Achieve fast turnaround times on admission decision