The agency engaged the Capstone Strategy Group (CSG) to review the Fair Hearing process and determine opportunities for driving efficiencies. The goal was to review the ACS Fair Hearing process.  Determine opportunities and protocols for efficiencies.  Clarify work-functions and strengthen information flow and coordination.  With the goal of facilitating timeliness in processing payments for Child Care Fair Hearings and Foster Care Fair Hearings.

Working with the client’s team, CSG examined the end to end process, documented standards, protocols, procedures, process flows and compiled recommendations to

  • Streamline the end-to-end process
  • Improve payment tracking
  • Identify and recoup of overpayments to foster care providers
  • Streamline, verify and validate key appellant information pertaining to Fair Hearing

Further, CSG developed a future state process framework and roadmap for both Child Care and Foster Care Fair Hearings.